Turtledom was started in World War II by American fighter pilots (non- Masonic) as a stress reliever from the stresses of war. Then in the 70's & 80's various Masonic groups continued the Turtle tradition creating turtles at Grand Sessions (annual conventions) and Potentate Balls known as "Turtle hatchings."

In 2009 Bro. Samuel Thornton became a turtle, officially establishing on July 23, 2009 the Worldwide Fraternity Of Turtles (WFOT). By way of the Internet he initiated other Masons, Eastern Stars and many others of Good Character. Candidates were HATCHED OVER THE PHONE followed by they themselves initiating their own local chapter in their area for routine/monthly fun and fellowship.

The WFOT was the first Turtle organization to establish chapters or a system of chapters. Many Turtle Clubs have emulated and incorporated the chapter system into their structure. WFOT is the LARGEST (over 100 cities/over 100 chapters) and the most worldwide known turtle fraternity. We are a social club meeting once a month at a bar or restaurant for networking and to make friends. We also perform community service and/or charitable work.

Since our opening in 2009, we have helped 1,900 families and donated $20,000 worth of food, clothing and toys. Becoming a turtle consists of you listening to the history of Turtledom, turtle creed and solving riddles. 

Brother Samuel Thornton was born and raised in Norfolk, VA. He served in the Air Force for 20 years. During his military stent, he had the pleasure of becoming a Prince Hall Mason in 2005. He was raised to a Master Mason in 2005 while in San Antonio, TX. Then in Serving 1-year deployment in 2007 he opened & co-founded Qatar Military Lodge #210 and served as the chartered Jr Warden. With the assistance and dedication of MANY great shellmates the legacy of the turtles continues. From his Masonic roots Brother Thornton was inspired to incorporate brotherhood into the foundation of the Worldwide Fraternity of Turtles….